Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Kauri Run Bike Run

WALT write a recount of a recent event.

Who:Kauri Team (year 4-8)
What:Run bike run
Why:To have fun
Where:Halswell Domain track
How:some do it in teams and some do it as individuals

                  RUN BIKE RUN
We lined up in our year levels waiting for Mr Forman to call out our race.
“Race 3, year 6,” Mr Forman said.
I was so nervous, I called my team mate, Sadiyah to say good luck.                                                                                                                            Ready Set Go, I ran as fast as I could thinking there was a zombie apocalypse. When I reached the middle of the running track I started to slow down a bit then some fast person came sprinting past me like lightning bolt, that’s the time I slowed down even more
I hear Sadiyah saying, "You can do it!”

I ran, but before I ran far a pack of fast people sprinted past me. Finally, I touched my partner’s hand so she could start biking. I waited a long time waiting for Sadiyah. I looked in around the biking track then I heard really bad news, Sadiyah had fallen off her bike. I was so shocked so I ran one more time around the running track. 

I had finally finished. Everyone was given one pozi for trying their personal best.

I looked for Sadiyah to see if she was ok. Phew! She was alright.

After we finished the prize giving we walked back to Oaklands School.
I had a really fun time. I’m looking forward to the next Run Bike Run!  

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