Monday, 30 May 2016

animal writing preparation

The Life of the Ocelot walt inform  others about an animal /creature or a habitat through our writing  WALT research an animal so we can write an information report about it to share with our classmates.

Appearance  (what do they look like)
Ocelots range in colour from light yellow to reddish grey with dark spots and Stripes. They have dark stripes on their cheeks and their tail have rings of dark black
Where is their natural habitat?
They are at the far east :
Arkansas, Louisiana and Mexico
Diet (What do they eat)
Ocelots hunts at night which means they are nocturnal.
They have  amazing eyesight and exceptionally fast running which they use to help them hunt :
Rodents (wild mice or rats)
young deer
Habitat (where they live)

They live in a variety of habitats,
 such as, savannah grasslands
pastures, thorn scrub and tropical
Forest.The ocelot's habitat is not endangered but
   ocelots are endangered by american and African          
   hunters                                                             Protection (how does ocelots protect themselves)
Ocelots  protect  themselves by using their razor sharp teeth to try to attack the predator.But if the prey in too big it will run away or blend in with the mud to wait for their perfect timing  🐅🐅
That is the life of the OCELOTS


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