Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Donna Dayla   
VS                                        Flarey Streak
Johanna Azuela
7th, November, 2016

It was midnight in the city of Las Vegas; Flarey Streak the super villain had just committed a daring robbery.. She ran out of the bank carrying ten million dollars .

                            The next day

Donnari (The alter ego of Donna Dayla) goes to work at a supermarket on the other side of the world, in a country called Australia. She was scanning prices of canned food from 3pm to 9pm. She strolled to her car and drove back to her house but suddenly Donnari hears three beeps on her digital watch Beep Beep Beep                                                                                                 she hurried to her closet, grabbed her superhero costume and rushed through her main door to the secret lab underneath her house.

She then sees her sidekick Fluffy pom standing beside the safe where all the weapons are kept. Fluffy tells Donna  info about the robbery committed in Las Vegas
“Hello Donna 👋today a villain called Flarey streak has committed a robbery at midnight at Las Vegas, tomorrow me and you are going to Las vegas to meet the mayor, so that mean you should pack your bag and take a one week of leave in your work, i will see you at 4 am tomorrow bye”
“Oh my gosh are you serious, I have to work again, *sigh* I never have time to rest!”

                             The next day   
Donna took her bag and went off to her private jet with fluffy. Inside the jet she see’s, two bathrooms, one bed, two tv’s and a mini kitchen she heard that her flight is 21hr long so she waited and waited and waited.

Oh no! They see Flarey streak standing right in front of the jet with a baseball bat they fight violently across the street.
BOOM! BASH! POW! YAY!!! Donna performed amazing hits and she won although she got bruises and a black eye she was perfectly fine.

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