Friday, 2 September 2016

Rebuilding Christchurch with Amazing Ideas  CN L3

WALT consistently read to understand the meaning of the text
Success Criteria
When I am reading I will:
  1. Read texts through more than once so I understand it really well.
  2. Use my knowledge of words to work out how to read difficult words.
  3. Read topic sentences at the start of paragraphs to see what the paragraph is about.
  4. Skim and scan for keywords to help me understand what the text is about.
  5. Use the my knowledge of the text and words, or a dictionary, to work out the meaning of difficult words.
  6. Ask myself questions about the text, especially if I do not understand it.
  7. Ask a buddy or teacher for help if I am stuck.

For each subheading from the article listed below, record what you think the main idea is after reading the text.

My understanding of the main idea…..
The Amazing Place City Project
2013 year 7-13 were specially invited to a competition of rebuilding a famous building. 3 girls won
Getting Ideas
The 3 girls made a plan and participated in an online survey. They shared it with their friends and family
The Dome
They had a problem that they had to solve. They knew that triangles are stronger so they decided to add them in the dome, it was tricky
Making It Sustainable
The 3 girls wanted the building to be sustainable so they went online and read books to get some ideas to make the building sustainable
Fun and Science
The team winners used their imagination and creativity to gather some ideas

Can you apply your understanding of this article now.
Your Challenge:
Can you think about a project for Oaklands School that could be included in our “Dream Big” ideas. Work in a group of 2 -3.  
Add your ideas and information in the table below.

Gather ideas:
  • Teacup Chairs
  • Curved walls
  • Cafeteria
  • More Devices e.g. mac books and chromebooks
  • Lots of space to study
  • Double sided chairs
  • White board tables
  • Separate study rooms
  • Device attached to a table
  • Little kitchen
  • Different shapes of tables
  • Modern chairs
  • Heaters
  • Tote Trays
  • Colourful

Draw your design (google drawing)

This is a modern school with a strong safe brick roof and a sustainable  wall
This building is also good because it does not cost a lot of money for the materials to build this school.

How could it be sustainable?

Using lots of pavements and strong bricks


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